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Established in the year 2003.We are not here to be compared with the other players amongst the industry, we want to create a new legacy, a new trend by setting up the best standards and ethics in the project by being innovative and authentic. Concept City has gained recognition for completing its projects in a timely manner, with superior quality, attention to details, and perfection that sets new standards of excellence.

Concept city is proven in property development shaping new life styles with a focus on design excellence, building quality and timely delivery. Concept City has transformed the real estate sector in Bengaluru with Tiled Roads and Lawn on sites with Midas park project. Concept City as a vision is focussed on bringing world class Landscape to Bengaluru the Once Garden City of India.



Less Carbon Emission


Less foot prints on mother nature

Concept city Group has devoted itself to creating spaces that enhance people’s living standards, utilising resources efficiently and contributing to present and future communities by nurturing sustainable development, it includes ‘responsible creation that doesn’t threaten the site’s ecological systems’.

The Philosophy of the company took on a completely new meaning at Midas Exotica, where substantial initiatives were planned in order to make a positive impact on the environment, green principles and eco-friendly design followed suit. The company is promoting usage of locally available materials in the construction process.

Eco-friendly in every aspect of the project, Midas Exotica maximizes the green features of spaces. Furthermore, the natural energy source feeds the needs of electricity, heating and cooling using ingenious green transformers and that is just the beginning.


Solar Power

This Project’s emphasis is on Clean and Green Energy and the first dependenceon power is the Solar Source, Secondly on the Diesel Generators, lastly but not the least on the Govt grids/ Bescom.

Complete Midas Exotica Project, inside and outside has LED Lights.

  • 3-4 KV Solar Power shall be generated for each villa with Solar panels placed on the Terrace of each Villa.
  • Solar heated water for all tap points in toilets, kitchen and service areas in all the Villas.
  • Steam generated by Solar Source shall be used for cooking and centralized laundry located at the Club House.
  • Alternate power source with PV Solar power plant with minimum dependence for Power from the Govt supply grid.
  • Solar Water Heating.
  • Solar Steam based cooking, laundry, steam bath facilities at club house.
  • Solar based barbeque.

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Concept City Group has demonstrated a strong track record in execution of real estate projects and has developed significant expertise and competencies in this field.

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Concept City Group is proud of its team that consists of leading names in architecture, landscaping, lighting, MEP, structural engineering, PMC, Green Building consultancy and so on.

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The group has experienced and dedicated management team with an experience of over a decade along with a high calibre team of real estate professionals.

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