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Midas Exotica Project

Why Midas Exotica Project ?

Midas exotica is a unique project which is designed to be a resort style private serviced Villa, with the best Balinese Landscape, contemporary architectural Design, the quality which is the best Inside and Outside, the finishing which are crafted with the best artisans,designer private gardens inside the bedroom, living room, dining room and surprisingly even in the bathroom and off course the best designed landscape gardens around the villa and in the common areas.
We are not here to be compared with the other players amongst the industry, we want to create a new legacy, a new trend by setting up the best standards and ethics in the project by being innovative and authentic.

Our Amenities


Balinese Styled Landscaping in Parks and gardens [Best in Town].


Chequered Tiled Roads.


Ultra-modern state of the art Underground Electrical System


Ultra-modern state of the art Underground chamber systems


Waiting Lounge with coffee bar at entrance gate.


Water recycling treatment plant and sewage treatment plant.


Rain water harvesting.


Palm trees and other ornamental trees


Designer Compound wall, Main gate and Service Entrance.


Footpath and jogging tracks.


WiFi Enabled Campus.


Power backup by Generator and Solar


This is not just a Villa. It is a Resort Styled Luxurious Private Residence

Midas Exotica is supposedly the only project in south India where Landscape is inside and all around the villa. You have private gardens in Bedroom, in Living room, in dining area, surprisingly even in the Bathroom and in the open roof terraces and balconies.
The Landscape is the main USP of the Project which is meticulously designed by renowned Landscape Architect and Consultant NUSA CONSULINDO from Bali, Indonesia.We are very confident once the landscape is implemented on ground it will be the most astounding and beautiful landscaped residential campus with designer gardens and parks.

The Team which is selected for this project are well experienced, skilled, Talented, reputed and the best in the industry. Our Consultant Team have come together with their high experience and concepts to create a property into High End Luxury Resort Styled Living, modelled as an Iconic Statement of Luxury Living in the north Bangalore (Greater Bangalore).

Meticulous Planning has gone into the Designing and the implementation of Midas Exotica. Innovative concepts have been adapted while designing the master plan,the structural plan, walls, plumbing, electrical, lighting,security concern and the campus infrastructure.
Our Bricks which are used for the outer walls are Auto-claved Aerated Concrete Bricks (AAC Bricks), also known as auto-claved cellularconcrete Bricks (ACC Bricks), which is a lightweight concrete Brick that simultaneously provides structural lightness, Electrical insulationand fireresistance,Precision in Size, Consistent compressive strength, Dry strength, Sound insulation index, Thermal conductivity and Nil drying shrinkage.
The finishing of the villas and the campus are not just done with labours but with Artisans who have crafted STAR Hotels. Our quality control team is headed by Mr.Milind Shankar who has supervised and successfully completed more than 70 mega projects for various clients in south india.

This Project’s emphasis is on Clean and Green Energy and the first dependence on power is the Solar Source, Secondly on the Diesel Generators, lastly but not the least on the Govt grids/ Bescom.
Complete Midas Exotica Project, inside and outside has LED Lights.
• 3-4 KV Solar Power shall be generated for each villa with Solar panels placed on the Terrace of each Villa.
• Solar heated water for all tap points in toilets, kitchen and service areas in all the Villas.
• Steam generated by Solar Source shall be used for cooking and centralized laundry located at the Club House.
• Alternate power source with PV Solar power plant with minimum dependence for Power from the Govt supply grid.
• Solar Water Heating.
• Solar Steam based cooking, laundry, steam bath facilities at club house.
• Solar based barbeque.

Concept city Group has devoted itself to creating spaces that enhance people’s living standards, utilising resources efficiently and contributing to present and future communities by nurturing sustainable development, it includes ‘responsible creation that doesn’t threaten the site’s ecological systems’.
The Philosophy of the company took on a completely new meaning at Midas Exotica, where substantial initiatives were planned in order to make a positive impact on the environment, green principles and eco-friendly design followed suit. The company is promoting usage of locally available materials in the construction process, Quite naturally, LEED Certification emerges as the next logical step.
Eco-friendly in every aspect of the project, Midas Touch maximizes the green features of spaces. Furthermore, the natural energy source feeds the needs of electricity, heating and cooling using ingenious green transformers………….. and that is just the beginning.

Bathrooms in Midas Exotica are not designed as Just Washrooms but are designed to be your own private Spa with soothing features like :- Private Garden inside the Bathroom, open to sky bathtub which is surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Even the tiles are laid by skilled Artisans using natural stones. The Highlight of the Bathrooms are High End Italian brand Sanitary Ware by CATALANO, Fittings by GROHE and flush systems by GEBERIT and even the bathroom water drains are by GEBERIT from SWITZERLAND

Midas Exotica concierge service is second to none and the expert staff is devoted in providing a higher and more exclusive level of service. The privileges are 24/7 by 365 days accessibility/availability, with efficiency and invisibility, because the last thing you need in your busy schedule is another intrusion.
Imagine the freedom from mindless chores, irritating tasks and tiring efforts that consume your time and energy. Now you have all the time in the world to pursuing your real passions, to spend quality time with your family and living a high and leisure life.Midas Exotica is designed to be a 5 Star Resort Styled Serviced Gated Community.

The world is getting smarter than ever. The Innovative technology applied at Midas Exotica easily blends your unique lifestyle with home automation solutions and power management tools that can plug on/off your lights, make homes more secure and activate appliances at your command.
Midas Exotica project is dedicated to provide the best Home Automation solutions to its customers with a personalized Tablet for each villa to facilitate finger touch/ voice control for controlling the light ambience, audio, music and video and off course security system solutions.

You can create a truly extra-ordinary home out of your villa by laying high quality and beautifully designed laminated wooden flooring.
Midas Exotica in collaboration, with world-renowned flooring manufacturing brand QUICK STEP.
The Laminated wooden flooring provided by QUICK STEP has the following features:-
• EASY MAINTENANCE:-it’s really easy to keep your floor clean. No dirt can accumulate, as our Laminate has a sealed surface.
• FLOOR HEATING:-Laminate floors are designed for both heating and cooling during various seasons.
• SCRATCH RESISTANT:-an ultra-protective Scratch Guard layer, allowing you to enjoy your beautiful, natural-looking floor for even longer. patented top layer,
• EXCELLENT IMPACT RESISTANCE:- Top-quality High Density Fibre (HDF) core boards in-house. Combined with the Scratch Guard top layer, it gives your floor the best possible protection against falling objects, high heels, etc.
• SPLASH-PROOF:-The water resistant glued base plate and the tensile strength (pre-tensioning) of our click systems provide excellent protection against surface moisture, such as spilled drinks.
• PLEASANT SOLID SOUND:-The hard core boards used for our floors have been optimized for everyday use, producing a solid, pleasant sound in combination
• NO COLOUR FADING:-floors do not turn pale when exposed to normal levels of (sun)light.
• NO ANNOYING STATIC ELECTRICITY:-floor has been treated with a patented, permanently anti-static surface which puts an end to annoying electrostatic discharges and attracts significantly less dust than other floors.
• 25 YEARS WARRANTY:-QUICK STEP laminate floors come with a standard 25-year warranty (as per conditions).

• Balinese Styled Landscaping in Parks and gardens [Best in Town].
• Chequered Tiled Roads.
• Ultra-modern state of the art Underground chamber systems [water, sewage and electrical].
• Waiting Lounge with coffee bar at entrance gate.
• Water recycling treatment plant and sewage treatment plant.
• Ultra filtered Drinking water for all taps in campus.
• Rain water harvesting.
• Palm trees and other ornamental trees.
• Designer Compound wall, Main gate and Service Entrance.
• Pneumatic water Supply pumps.
• Storm water drainage.
• State of the art Children’s park.
• Footpath and jogging tracks.
• Water bodies in park.
• Designer LED Lamp post.
• Solar Powered Layout and Villas [minimum dependence on Grid].
• CCTV security.
• Gated Community with 8 ft high compound wall along outer boundary.
• WiFi Enabled Campus.
• Central Park with pipe music and designer landscape.
• Power backup by Generator and Solar.
• US Open styled Tennis Court.
• Lung Breathing Mini Forests and walking track.
• Complete re-use of treated water for Landscape and Flushing in toilets.
• 24/7 Security through out layout
• Bio-Metric entrance security System.

The Best water Management and Sewage Management.
• Biogas generated from treatment of sewage will be used to fuel the club house Kitchen.
• Separate Sewage Treatment plant for treatment of Sullage as well as Sewage where Treated Sullage water shall be utilized for flushing and treated Sewage water shall be used for Gardening.
• Adequate Rainwater harvesting pits provided for conservation of Rainstorm water to replenishthe ground water level.

Midas Exotica Project is determined to provide the best brands from Bricks to the Door Locks and everything that comes in-between.

Villas at Midas Exotica are loaded with features unheard in the Industry.
As we have mentioned in the beginning, we are not here to be compared with the other players amongst the industry, we want to create a new legacy, a new trend by setting up the best standards and ethics in the project by being innovative and authentic.
As we have mentioned the Highlights and features of the Project Midas Exotica in the 14 Points above we would like to state that our pricing is very reasonable and value for money. Our team at Midas Exotica takes pride in planning and executing a Unique Project for our Customers,where literally everything on earth is provided inside the Campus.
Our feature rich Luxurious Villas are authentically priced to balance the price factors, quality factors, superb brands, out of the world landscape and self-sufficiency in water and power.